Workshops, Conferences, Readings


This is me, presenting at the Veterans Writing Project seminar hosted by Shenandoah University in November 2014. Don’t you love it when the photographer catches you with your mouth wide open?

Below is a list of some upcoming workshops and conferences where women veterans can develop their writing skills or hear other veterans read their work.

I’m only going to list events specifically for veterans – but there are many excellent literary events with a more general focus in most major metropolitan areas. Your local library and the classified pages of the most recent issue of Poets and Writers Magazine are great places to find more information.

If you’d like to see an event listed here, please let me know.

Upcoming Workshops, Conferences, & Readings


183151_155444261178154_3202390_nAugust 29. St Louis, MO. A day-long workshop and reading conducted with the Saint Louis Public Library. Registration info soon at

September 1 – October 15. Fiction Contest – CONSEQUENCE Magazine.

Judge: Jesse Goolsby. Prize: $250 Honorarium and Publication. Details available here.


October 31. Deadline for Submissions – Themed Issue of O-Dark-Thirty. 

O-Dark-Thirty, the literary journal of The Veterans Writing Project, is pleased to call for submissions from women veterans who write for an upcoming (February 2016) themed issue of O-Dark-Thirty/The Review: Women Veterans’ Writing.

Guidelines: The editors will consider short stories (up to 5,000 words; 3,500 and under is better), creative nonfiction/essay (same word limit), poems, and short plays. Excerpts from memoirs and novels are acceptable if the excerpt stands alone as a story in its own right. Please limit submissions to one prose piece or a batch of up to three poems. Work is not required to be on a military theme!

Deadline: The submission deadline is October 31. Earlier is better. Please submit work through our online submissions manager.


Women-Veterans-Writing-ProjectFall 2015. Washington DC VA Medical Center.
Women Veterans Writing Seminar. The Veterans Writing Project’s seminar, revised specifically for women veterans. Open to women veterans only. Dates/times TBD.

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